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Electrical Storm Damage Dos & Don’ts

If a bad storm is on the way, it's important to take steps to protect your home from electrical damage. Unfortunately, you can't help if lightning strikes your home. That's why is critical that you know what to do if your home receives electrical storm damage. The...

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What Causes Power Surges?

A power surge can cause serious issues for your home. That's because the sudden electrical rush can cause damage to your appliances, electronics, and wiring. To protect your property as much as possible, you first have to know what causes power surges. The residential...

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Know the Types of Electrical Storm Damage

Now that spring is here, it's time for you to start thinking about your family's preparation plans for the season's storms. While you need to know how to protect the people you love, you also need to think about how to protect your property. Electrical damage from...

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4 Outdoor Electrical Safety Tips

When it comes to electricity, it's essential that you always act with caution and follow all of the safety rules that apply to your task. This is especially true when it comes to working on outdoor electrical components. As the spring and summer months arrive in the...

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3 Springtime Electrical Safety Tips

The electric contractors near you at Palmetto Electrical Contractors are able to check for any issues you may run across in your home this spring. However, there are also some things you should keep an eye on as a homeowner in the Rock Hill, Fort Mill, and Charlotte...

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5 Ways to Tell if Your House Needs Rewiring

Making sure the wiring in your home is up-to-date and undamaged is important for both your household's electrical efficiency and safety. However, how do you know when your home needs rewiring? The Rock Hill, SC residential electrical contractors at Palmetto Electrical...

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3 Common Wintertime Electrical Repairs

Harsh winter weather takes a toll on your home. That includes the electrical system. Palmetto Electrical Contractors knows that any electrical problems are frustrating, but it's especially trying in the winter when it's dark and cold outside. As your local Rock Hill...

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